About Parking Management Australia

PMA are a group of dedicated parking account management specialists focused on driving value into our service. Our goal is to assist our clients to achieve industry best practice by implementing refined strategies for effective management of car parking services.


PMA was founded to provide Australian companies easy on demand fulfillment to all there parking requirements through one central contact point. Our service has matured into a complete end to end,  outsourced car parking management solution.


PMA is the largest facility independent parking account manager in Australia, today we manage one of the largest car parking portfolios in Australia outright. Our clients include some of Australia's largest public companies with national operations.


PMA understands that no two clients have the same requirements and that we should be flexible in catering to the unique needs of each business. We have developed a unique system and operating strategy specifically tailored to the management of parking services and designed to maximise our flexibility while consistently delivering a premium service. This approach has been pivotal in propelling PMA to become the most succesful facility independent parking account manager in Australia. 


We work aggressively on our clients accounts to optimise operations, and develop strategies to control expenditure. You will always have access to PMA's management, and we will always take a Pro-Active role in management of your account. Some of the unique services that we provide for our clients include:


  • Organisation specific parking allocation plans
  • Management of parking allocation and permission database's
  • Centralised Multi Facility account management
  • Automatic custom invoicing to suit client requirements
  • Parking expenditure assessments and detailed customisable reports